Some people refer to vintage motorcycles as “middle-aged uncle exclusive rides,” but riders don’t necessarily agree with this. Each type of motorcycle has its target customers from different age groups. For example, the following ten models can cater to a wide range of preferences.

The first one is the Infinite 300AC.

This model comes from Longxin Motorcycles. Ever since Longxin Motorcycles introduced the Infinite series, it’s been like they activated a cheat code. High-design motorcycles keep emerging, and the Infinite 300AC is the most typical representative of this series. Despite being a retro street bike, it doesn’t solely emphasize retro elements; instead, it incorporates some avant-garde design, making it look more imposing and beautiful. Coupled with its relatively versatile performance, good basic features, and a reasonably competitive price, it has gained high popularity.

The second one is the New Dazhou Honda CBF190TR.

As a model under the New Dazhou Honda brand, the CBF190TR might be one of the more successful ones in recent years for this brand. While this brand has quite a variety of models, many of them haven’t had the chance to shine due to the dominance of the big brother (presumably referring to Honda). However, the CBF190TR has finally managed to stand out with its attractive appearance.

The third one is the Benelli Young Lion 250.

This small lion model is quite favored among female motorcycle enthusiasts. Due to its popularity among women, a queen version has also been introduced. The pink rims give it a stylish look, and its high popularity is, in a sense, also attributed to the influence of its big brother, the Young Lion 500. This is the advantage of having a nested (similar) model within a lineup.

The fourth one is the CFMoto 700CL-X.

Securing the fourth position is evidence of its allure. As a new bike on the market for less than half a year, being in the top five indicates that its design, pricing, and performance are quite well-received among motorcycle enthusiasts. If given more time, its ranking might even improve further, making it a model with great potential.

The fifth one is the Honda CB650R.

As a model that seems a bit out of reach among retro street bikes, its fifth-place ranking is somewhat unexpected. In other rankings, imported models like these usually rank lower due to their pricing. However, the fact that this bike made it into the top five indicates the strength of middle-aged enthusiasts who appreciate its appeal and performance, defying the odds.

The sixth one is the Sycle Long RE3.


As a purely authentic British-style retro motorcycle, it doesn’t overly emphasize so-called sporty performance. Instead, it embodies the essential retro aesthetics and features a compact body structure designed according to riders’ needs. This kind of design has garnered significant attention for the bike due to its well-thought-out approach.

The seventh one is the Qidian 150G1.


Being an internet-famous model, it manages to rank relatively high in terms of influence. However, it’s possible that the exceptional qualities of the previous models overshadow it, resulting in retro motorcycle enthusiasts having their preferences. Nonetheless, with its stylish appearance and comprehensive basic features, it remains a model suitable for motorcycle enthusiasts of various age groups to ride.

The eighth one is the Young Lion 500.

Being one of the earlier 500cc retro motorcycles to hit the market, its design is unquestionably remarkable, and its performance is decent as well. It received positive feedback in the early stages of its release. However, due to the surge in retro trend and the fierce competition in the market, it ended up with a relatively lower ranking. Nevertheless, it’s the only 500cc model to make it into the top ten, indicating its enduring popularity within its displacement category.

The ninth one is the Wuyang Honda Zhidao 190ss, with an average selling price of 17,380.

As the first retro street bike under the Wuyang Honda brand, the 190ss’s main advantage lies in its positioning as a versatile model. However, its popularity is somewhat overshadowed by its less eye-catching appearance compared to its distant relative, the 190TR. Nevertheless, making it into the top ten indicates that it’s still a relatively popular motorcycle model.

The tenth one is the Aprilia CR150, with an average selling price of 19,800.

This motorcycle is also considered one of the veteran models among domestic retro motorcycles. It boasts a beautiful appearance and offers challenging performance. However, it might not have the most comprehensive features. The high-revving engine, in a way, has affected the user attention towards this bike, especially in today’s landscape where retro motorcycles are abundant. Remembering and recognizing such a model is quite a noteworthy feat among motorcycle enthusiasts.