Ten Highly Popular Three-Wheeled Motorcycles Suited to Different Needs

Today, in the segmented tricycle market, three-wheeled motorcycles are no longer limited to heavy-duty work. They can also unleash different performances to meet your riding requirements under various needs. For example, the following ten popular models will present unique features.。

The first one: Yamaha Niken GT

As an entertainment-oriented reverse trike motorcycle, this model has captured the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts since its release. Even though its price is somewhat unreasonably high, it still cannot deter us from approaching the aspiration for high-performance entertainment models.

The second one: Chang Jiang Bobbie 400

This is a nostalgic model with the combination of a trike and the name “Chang Jiang.” It is equipped with a twin-cylinder water-cooled 400cc engine, coupled with the Bosch electronic fuel injection system, and features a reverse gear with chain drive. In terms of appearance, it no longer follows an overly wild design but leans towards a more refined style, giving it a tasteful look. Perhaps it is precisely due to its performance and appearance that it has gathered a good amount of popularity.

The third one: Chang Jiang CJ650B

This vehicle has a more nostalgic appearance, and its retro design may evoke many of your past memories. With a 650cc twin-cylinder water-cooled electronic fuel injection engine, it also offers a satisfying performance experience. Therefore, if you value nostalgia while also emphasizing performance, this vehicle is worth a try.

The fourth one: Moray MV800

This vehicle boasts two “mosts.” Its engine displacement is the largest among tricycles. In addition, this model can also remove the sidecar, which might be surprising or unexpected. Therefore, it has gained considerable popularity for its unique features.

The fifth one: Feller JM200

This vehicle is often referred to as the “Bombardier,” and its presence allows motorcycle enthusiasts who favor reverse trikes to fulfill their three-wheeled dreams.

The sixth one: Adiva AD1 200

Some riders have inquired about motorcycles that can provide shelter from the wind and rain. The introduction of this model fulfills that wish, allowing you to navigate the streets comfortably. As a result, it has gained quite a high level of popularity.

The seventh one: Chang Jiang 650 III

The exterior design of this Chang Jiang 650 III is more retro, with a unique seat that adds to its distinctive feel. It is equipped with front and rear KYB shock absorbers and comes with a brake linkage system. So, for those who prioritize the riding experience, it would be a good choice.

The eighth one: Dayi Eagle King DD400B

The DD400B is a motorcycle where elements are seamlessly integrated into a sidecar. If you conceal its sidecar, it clearly becomes a very stylish vehicle. Motorcycle enthusiasts might have a desire to remove its sidecar, don’t you think?

The ninth one: Peugeot Metropolis 400i

The price of this vehicle is reasonable given its features. If we delve into its specifications, it becomes apparent that it offers value for money. Besides featuring keyless ignition and tire pressure monitoring, this model also incorporates the DTW synchronized tilt system, TCS control system, electronic parking system, and, of course, ABS as a standard inclusion.

The tenth one: Yin Gang 300B-A

This 300cc military-style trike, with its retro appearance and impressive performance, has gathered considerable popularity, securing its position at number ten.

The above ten trike models are the ones we wanted to share in this edition. From this selection, we can see a variety of models, ranging from those with elevated features to very practical ones. So, as long as you are interested in trikes, it should be quite easy to find a model that suits your needs.