The International Federation of Motorcycles (FIM) Freestyle Motocross World Championships is the largest and oldest top-level Motocross Championship in the world. Since its establishment in 2001, it has a history of 12 years. At present, it has successfully held more than 120 international competitions in 25 countries on 5 continents, igniting the enthusiasm of motorcycle fans all over the world. This event attracts drivers with the world’s top competitive level, and it is also famous for the extremely difficult and highly ornamental aerial movements of top drivers.

“Night of The Jumps” is a unified rule implemented by FIM, and competitions such as sprints and high jumps are the focus of the entire event. In “Night of The Jumps”, world records are easily broken, such as “highest soaring height” and “youngest performer to perform a backflip”. In addition, the nearly three-hour event also included other performances, such as backflips, snowmobiles and BMX performances. Players will return during the competition to ensure that the audience can watch every wonderful performance.

Schedule Items

  1. Raider practice
  2. Entry & Pit Party
  3. Raider dress up
  4. Opening show
  5. Intro of raiders
  6. Qualification
  7. Whip Contest
  8. Pause & Show
  9. Highest Air
  10. Final
  11. Awarding

Judging Rules

Number of referees: 5

Scoring level: 0-10 points, the highest score and the lowest score will be removed for each action score, and the remaining three scores will be added up at the end. The top three contestants with the highest final scores will win the championship, runner-up and third runner-up honors and related awards.

Score Item

Jumping Moves – Judges observe the number of jumping moves completed by competitors in either the 60-second heats or the 90-second final and rate the quality of each move. In an official competition, if a competitor makes more jumps than required, the one with the fewest points will not count towards the score.

Judges’ Personal Impressions – Five judges determine scores based on personal impressions, which can include whether the judges like the style, type and jumping habits of the competitor’s movements, movement design and interaction with the audience.

Entrance tricks – Entrance starts 30 seconds after the contestant’s prescribed moves. During the enclave, the contestant can choose the slope and height he likes and do the best tricks. The action is double-scored, and usually this score can have a big impact on the outcome of the game. Encores are often a favorite of the press and audience as well.

In addition to the number of jumps, the use of the track and personal impressions account for 30% of the score.

order of appearance

Qualification round: according to the player’s international ranking

Finals: The contestants with the best qualifying results start last.