Best ADV of the Year-2023 KTM 1290 Super ADV R

As KTM’s flagship ADV model, it is powered by a 75-degree V-twin cylinder. The displacement has increased from the previous 942cc to 1301cc. The maximum power of 136 horsepower allows it to run freely on non-paved roads. For the 2022 1290, KTM has improved the chassis and shortened the frame part of the steering head by 15mm to improve the road feedback of the front wheel’s response. It can also extend the rear swing arm to increase stability; although the fuel tank volume is increased, the Because of the lowered chassis, the actual handling is lighter than the previous generation.

The electronic control adopts the latest configuration, combined with a 7-inch full-color instrument, with very rich settings; 21-inch wheels at the front and 18-inch wheels at the rear, combined with semi-active electronic shock absorption, make you not afraid of various road conditions.

Best mid-displacement replica – 2023 Aprilia RS660

As a smaller version of the RSV4, the fun of the RS660 is unmatched by other cars in the same class. Although the 659cc parallel twin-cylinder engine is a V-4 power platform with two cylinders cut off, the power output of 89 horsepower performs very well in actual riding. The power curve output is smooth and matches Aprilia’s full set of APRC riding. The electronic package allows you to twist the throttle without worrying about being unable to control.

Best Superbike – 2023 Ducati Panigale V4 SP2

As the ultimate track weapon, V4 has already made a name for itself on the track. The SP2 goes a step further in the original configuration. The 1103cc V4 power can provide 182 horsepower on the wheels. The brakes use Brembo Stylema R calipers and adjustable Rizoma, combined with STM-EVO dry clutch, for easy control. The front and rear shock absorbers are from Ohlins, with NPX30 in the front and TTX36 in the rear, which can be controlled through the Ducati EVO3 system.

Best small displacement imitation race-2023 KTM RC390

RC390 is a small-displacement performance car under the KTM Ready to Race concept. Its advantage is that the clutch is light and easy to control. The airbox area of the 2022 model has increased by 40%, and the frame and wheel hub have reduced a total of 9 pounds; Bybre’s brake calipers and WP front shock absorbers are still relatively luxurious at this level; and in terms of electronic control, KTM has equipped it with With cornering ABS and traction control, this car cannot be missed by car enthusiasts who like to have fun.

Best Street Running-2023 Triumph Speed Triple 1200RR

Triumph’s 1200RR comes from the 1200RS, which means that the front fairing has been added since the RS model. Compared with the RS model, the RR model focuses on performance and power. Although its style and track are quite different, compared with the ordinary For street cars, it will be more radical. In terms of power, it is a 1160cc water-cooled three-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 150 horsepower; Triumph has equipped it with various high-end components, including Olins 2.0 electronically adjustable semi-active shock absorbers, Brembo Stylema Monoblock calipers, and adjustable ratios Brembo MCS brake lever. As for electronic riding kits, it’s certainly not a problem (cornering ABS, traction control, riding modes, anti-head control, etc.)

Best Off-Road/Sport Motorcycle – 2023 Husqvarna TE300i

In a certain group before, some riders thought that the Husqvarna was still a no-name car that copied KTM. In fact, this brand has a very early history, but later it failed to develop and was acquired by KTM. As a motorcycle that combines off-roading and sports, the TE300i uses a 293cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine with a maximum power of 40 horsepower. Due to the use of a balancer, the vibration of the entire vehicle is almost negligible. The suspension benefits from KTM, using front and rear WP components, Xplor 48mm coil spring forks in the front, and Xact shock absorbers in the rear. The main frame is made of double-bracket chrome steel, and the subframe is made of carbon fiber to ensure rigidity while reducing weight. This car has not been introduced into the country, which is a pity for car enthusiasts who like off-roading.

Best Street Motorcycle – Triumph Speed Twin

Triumph Motorcycles has repeatedly won the title of best street bike at the end of the year in foreign media reviews in recent years. The 120cc displacement inline twin-cylinder water-cooled engine can output a maximum power of 100 horsepower, and the throttle response is very sensitive. With the front 43mm inverted Mazuki shock absorber, Brembo M50 calipers, and cast aluminum wheels, the vehicle’s handling performance is once again improved.

Best Cruiser Motorcycle – 2023 Harley-Davidson Lowrider ST

The 2022 LOW Rider ST uses the largest mass-produced engine, 117ci, with a maximum power of 94.9 horsepower, which can provide the necessary power performance required for cruise motorcycles. The fairing and saddlebags are based on the 1984 FXRT, with a strong West Coast style.

Best Touring Motorcycle-2023 Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT Edition

Honda Gold Wing has dominated this segment for many years. The 2022 Honda Gold Wing has mainly made some comfort upgrades: increasing the volume of the rear luggage compartment and changing the angle of the rear backrest to improve rear seat comfort; it is equipped with Android auto and Apple’s carplay, and optimized the sound system. The optimization of Gold Wing in recent years has been close to perfection. The horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine provides powerful power performance. The rich electronic control and DCT gearbox make it easier for you to travel long distances.

Best Off-Road Motorcycle – 2023 Kawasaki KX450

As one of the best-known off-road motorcycles, the KX450 uses a 449cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a maximum output of 52 horsepower. Kawasaki equipped it with a Showa 49mm coil spring front damper and a Showa rear shock absorber. Zhen’s tuning is somewhere between comfortable and sporty. The most outstanding thing about the entire vehicle is that the aluminum frame is very tolerant of road bumps, which makes it very comfortable to handle. Combined with the well-proportioned riding triangle and narrow body, it is very easy to shuttle through the mountains and forests.